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If you have a Swarm of Bees don’t wait Call Us!

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Providing Honey Bee Swarm Removal &

Bee Rescue for Delaware Residents & Businesses


  1. Don' Delay- Time is of the Essence!!!!! CALL NOW!!!

  2. Are you sure they are Honey Bees? What does the cluster look like? We only Remove & Rescue honeybees. Below are some examples of what a Bee Swarm looks like. If you can, send a photo of the Swarm to the Beekeeper.

  3. Where are they located? (Hanging from a tree branch, fence post)

  4. How high or low are they? (Do we need a ladder)

  5. Approx. Size? (Baseball, Football, or Watermelon)

  6. How long have they been there?

  7. Physical Street address location of the Swarm

  8. Is this your property or someone else's?

  9. Have you sprayed it with any sort of insecticide?

  10. Watch for us to Arrive. If you can not be present upon our arrival, be able to provide exact directions so that we may locate it.

  11. Any other important information we need to be aware of that might be troublesome to the Beekeeper? (High Voltage areas, locked gates, secured facility, pets, farm animals)

  12. Upon arrival direct the Beekeeper to the location.

What To Do Next:

  • Secure any pets and keep children away from the area

  • Observe the Bees & wait for the Beekeeper to arrive

  • If the Swarm should relocate or leave before the Beekeeper arrives let us know.

We Only Remove & Rescue Honey Bees

(If they are not Honeybees, we've worked with Pest Control Specialists throughout the State that can assist you with your situation. We have several highly recommended local Pest Control Professionals on speed dial)

Swarms & Bee Rescue

What is a Swarm?

Honey Bees are the only type of Bees that Swarm. Swarming is a natural part of Honey Bee reproduction.

A new Honey Bee colony is formed when the Queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees, a process called Swarming.

Swarm’s vary in size and shape and often can be described as a football or basketball of Bees.

The Bees form a tight cluster around the Queen while scout bees go out looking for a hollow space in which to make their new home. It may take a few hours or up to two days for a new home to be chosen. Bees in a swarm are temporarily homeless. If you see a Swarm Call a Beekeeper who is equipped to handle a Swarm properly. DO NOT TRY TO SPRAY, REMOVE OR DISTURB THE SWARM!

As you can see from the photos above Swarms do vary in size, shape and how high or how low to the ground they can be found. The most important thing to remember is when you find a Swarm don’t wait to call us. Time is of the Essence!

Bee Rescue

You might say to yourself why would Bees need to be rescued?

There are many scenarios but our favorite example is when the Bees decided to take a detour to hang out on a curb at the Local Dover Applebee’s!

Here’s another successful Bee Rescue mission that took place in a local Dover industrial complex.

If these Bees were not rescued they would have likely found a way to make a home in any tiny opening of the building, causing a much more costly and extensive problem. This is one reason why when you or someone locate a Swarm it is important to call immediately.

After the Swarm...

Once the Beekeeper has safely removed the Swarm and rescued the Bees, they will be transported to the Beekeepers Apiary where they will have a healthy environment to forage and thrive.

Following a Swarm or Bee Rescue it is normal to have a few straggler Bees. The Beekeeper will remove as many Bees as possible. However, sometimes it is impossible to get every Bee. Normally those remaining Bees will dissipate on their own in a short period of time.

Thank You for doing your part to help Save the Honeybees!